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Water water everywhere

There is nothing quite like being by the water. Whether your preference is for the beach, a cliff, stream, canal or even a long lazy bath, water has the power to calm and quiet us in ways that other spaces can’t really compete with.

This week’s word square challenge is loosely themed around water and various iterations of it. What could you do with one word from each column?

The word square is below, and for those of you who have never seen one, the idea is to take one word from each column and use them in the first sentence, paragraph, or stanza of a story or poem. You can of course take it all the way and construct a whole piece of flash fiction if you had the time and inclination. If you look carefully you’ll notice I’ve even added the word peace, so it may even be the perfect prompt for your entry into this year’s Hysteria Writing Competition.

May wordsquare image


My effort is here:

I threw a rock from the bank and watched the ripples bounce off each other, creating innumerable interference patterns as they intersected again and again in an endless game of tag. The sun burned the skin on the back of my neck as I watched the water trying as hard as I could to calmΒ my thoughts with mindful breath and a relaxed stance. Eventually, I gave up and wandered back along towards home, and the surety of a warm welcome from dogs and husband.

Now it’s your turn. Why not use the comment area below my post on my website to share your first line or paragrah.


  1. Thank you as always, Linda. It is so amazing to think that there is no new water – whether it is our bath water or the snow on Mount Everest, it has been part of Earth for millions of years. If we thought about it, we might respect it more. Your writing exercise is a good reminder!

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