Belle enjoying the waves

When Belle goes looking for Pip

I cannot imagine how cold it is in the seas off the coast of Britain at this time of year, but lots of people swim year round and my dog Belle (aka The Beeble) is no exception. Give her a beach with an easy access into the water and she’s off, ears flying as she throws herself into the waves.

This is pretty prosaic as pictures go, a dog in the water. But what could you do with it to make it more surreal or alternative? Is there anything you can’t see in the picture that suggests a bigger story?

You can see my effort here:

Belle flies out of the waves barking madly. Ears flying in all directions. She shakes all over me and gives me a big wet grin to say, ‘see you should have joined me’. She looks back at the water waiting for Pip to join her in a game of hosing us down. But he’s not there. You can see her mind whirring. Where has he got to? First irritation and then worry. She races back into the waves to look for him.

A short while later she returns with the miscreant in tow. It appears he had decided another owner was preferable today and had wandered up the beach, myopia preventing him from seeing either of us. We, talking busily, hadn’t noticed, but Belle had. She was looking out for our little rescue dog so it turns out, despite ignoring him most of the time, she does actually care!

Now it’s your turn. Why not use the comment area below my post on my website to share your effort, you never know it might just turn into an entry you could use for this year’s Hysteria Writing Competition.

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