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Synonyms and other interesting words about peace

This year’s Hysteria Writing Competition has a theme of peace and it would be easy to fall into familiar tropes and themes. Whilst a retelling in a fresh way can excite a reader, it’s rare to get something truly different so in the spirit of helping everyone along I thought I’d trawl the web’s best dictionaries and thesauri to come up with a definitive list of words/topics you could use in any writing competition that has a theme of peace.

Remember, you don’t need to use the word itself, just that the entry has to reflect the theme.

  • peace, peacful, peacefulness
  • accord
  • hush
  • quiet, quietude, quietness
  • repose
  • rest, restfulness
  • still, stillness
  • lull
  • pause
  • respite
  • silence
  • meditation
  • relax, relaxed
  • fellowship
  • fraternity, brotherhood, sisterhood, solidarity
  • friend, friendship
  • affinity
  • cohesion
  • kinship
  • oneness
  • rapport
  • fight
  • amity
  • concord
  • harmony
  • calm, calming
  • quiet,
  • serenity, sereneness, serene
  • tranquility, tranquil
  • stability
  • pacification, pacific, pacify
  • heartsease
  • placidity, placid
  • coexistence, coexist
  • connection
  • empathy
  • collaboration
  • support, help, helpfulness
  • agreement, concensus
  • sleep
  • mindful, mindfulness
  • freedom
  • prayer

If you have any favourite words that reflect the theme please do share them below as a comment and I’ll add them to the list.

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