Essouira view

High days and holibobs

This week is a photo prompt. You know the drill by now. Take a look at the photo and write the first sentence or paragraph that comes into your head.

High days and holibobs are the best days on the calendar in my opinion. A day to kick off the traces and do something different, unexpected, or relax from the usual routine and daily activities that usually consume our time.

This picture reminds me of a day that highlighted the end of one era in my life and the start of a new one. A journey that’s not finished yet.

What does this photo remind you of? Is it a time, place, or event? Or is it something yet to happen?

You can see my effort below:

This particular holiday was in Morocco and we were in Essaouira on a day trip out of Marrakech. It was warm, it was fragrant and it was different from the country I live in. The sights and sounds were of a different order and the language was melodic although I’m sure the conversations were the same as anyone had the world over, the language sounded exotic and I longed to know what they were talking about.


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