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Short, shorter, brief

I was wandering around the web looking for inspiration for this week’s writing prompt whilst thinking about a video I’d seen yesterday of a musician who had challenged several creators to do a mashup of Beethoven’s 5th. And I wondered if something similar could be applied to poetry.

It occurred to me that I could take a poem about April and ask you to remake it, so it’s the same but different, but that seems a bit too close to being copyright infringement. As I was looking I came across Ogden Nash’s poem, Fleas. It’s just two lines and three words that also rhyme and so this week’s challenge was born.

To remake Fleas, but make it so different it’s not the same poem, but the structure is the same, two lines and three words and rhyming. Shorter than short in fact it’s so short it’s brief and to the point!

Here is the original:



As I keep reiterating I’m not a poet but my effort is below:

Wedding Dress

Wedding best

Now it’s your turn. Why not use the comment area below my post on my website to share your two lines and three words.

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