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New Beginnings

Everything starts somewhere and this month I’m exploring the idea of new beginnings and in this word square you have a lot of opportunities to think about your own new beginnings too. In this one, simply choose one word from each column and create an introductory sentence for a short story, flash fiction or a novel using each of the words.

My effort is below.

“My gown fitted perfectly, everyone said so. It flared out at just the right point emphasising my hourglass figure. You could hardly tell a baby was growing, and if anyone noticed they didn’t comment, just murmured about how perfect I looked. I look back now at my marriage and wonder what the vicar thought as we stumbled our way through the ceremony, perhaps he saw the makings of our doom even though we were just starting out”

Now your turn. Why not use the comment area below to share your thoughts.

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  1. Gown, one keeps looking I will never be hour glass shape? Just a happy potato in trousers and tunic that hides so much. Dream on.

  2. My JackRussel/Dasshound pup,Daisy has become my baby born 25/3/22. Even if the lillies in the vase get eaten by Daisy, my love grows. She will take the place of an absent lover. We watch as the gardener plants fresh plants, a nice day a bird sings. No job , retired at peace with life.

  3. Fair lilies in the fields that grow
    Where the lover’s longing eyes are thrown
    O’er the looming prospect of a sacred marriage
    Perhaps to be carried away in gilded carriage?

    What vicar will unite us?
    Which vows will find us joyous?
    For many promises, we strive to keep
    Until our end, surely we must meet.

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