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What if earth is a pyramid by Abdulrahman M Abu-Yaman, Hysteria 2021 category winner

Abdulrahman Mohammed Abu-Yaman is the winner of the flash fiction category in the 2021 Hysteria Writing Competition. You can find his writing, along with the other finalists from each category in the Hysteria 8 anthology.

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Read by Steve Graham during the Hysteria 8 launch party.

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Civilization begins in Egypt—our dear mother. Cairo, her cherub son, lounges atop the pyramid—on the spot where all the vertical borders intersect. Oriental Asia welcomes the sunrise. The sunshine flashes the limelight to Sub-Saharans longitudinally parallel to it. Americas at the occidental side catches the sunset. Meteorological report on Europe is inconclusive, vague and opaque in the backyard. Australia is incognito at the base like an undercover agent. Mother Egypt sends her mummies to roll down elements of civilization on slopes of the pyramid to her wards; save Antarctica, a stillbirth.


Abdulrahman Mohammed Abu-Yaman is a Nigerian writer who scribbles words from the city of Minna—considered the literary capital of northern Nigeria.

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