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A brand new writing place

Do you have a favourite writing place? If you don’t have one, where do you like to write? What makes it special? Why there?

I’m in the process of redesigning our spare bedroom so it’s a better place to work and write. At the moment, it’s a blank canvas with some loose bits of furniture and a large two-person workspace at one end. It feels lost and lonely; and as I spend a considerable amount of time here because I also work from home, it’s become increasingly important it is somewhere I want to be, rather than put up with.

This week, I love to know where you write, why you do it there rather than somewhere else. You can try my questions above but if they don’t fit what you do, then write about where the place you spend most of your time as a writer.

In my space, I’m planning a large built-in bookcase and cupboards on the wall behind me. It’s being built by a joiner friend called Paul. After he has finished Anna is coming to paint the walls a lovely dusty pink.

I have an old chair I reupholstered about 20 years ago, I still love the fabric so that will stay. Finally, we’ll find a second-hand sofa bed for the occasional guests who stay over.

And of course, the large workspace for two will go back. Finally, I’ll bring all the books scattered about the house, on windowsills and in cupboards so they fill the space behind me, sending me inspirational vibes, or perhaps acting as a lovely distraction when I’m not minded to write anything.


  1. In the wee small hours of the morning, it is quiet and peaceful to sit in my lounge. Ideas may come and go sometimes happenings during the week can be linked to what I write. A visit to Cheltenham, the ride on the train, tranquil scenes, green fields, trying on a new bra, an overactive child. One never knows when these images can be put to use. Soon it will be daybreak at the sheltered complex where I live. Movement in the corridors. Squirrels are active in trees and gardens outside my window. Time to walk a neighbour’s Jack Russel Terrier.

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