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Music to live by, reprise

This week it’s a challenge to write a story or poem in just 100 words. That’s the word count I used in previous Hysteria Writing Competitions in the Flash Fiction contest. Although it’s short, it’s not as easy as it first appears as you have to follow the usual storytelling arc giving it a beginning, middle, and end!

Whilst I’d love it if you shared your piece as a comment on this blog post, there is no need to share it. You could instead write it in your journal, add it to a personal archive, or post it to a friend in a letter. If you do post it online on your own website or blog, leave a comment with the link below so I and others can come and support you too.

And my effort is a reprise of one I wrote several years ago.

The sound drifted upwards through the ceiling, notes swooping and swirling in eddies like dust motes in sunlight before landing in unwary ears.

Everyone knew why she played. They heard her pain in every note and refrain as they danced lightly through the building.

“He is gone, I am bereft”.

They grew used to the music that shared their lives, each weighed down by its melancholia and their own lives.

One crystal clear Sunday morning the notes finally changed and all knew she had grieved enough, her despair played out and she was ready to enter the living world again.

(100 words)

The original is here: https://lindaph.co.uk/fiction/friday-fictioneers-music-to-live-by/

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