bells and whistles sculpture

Bells and Whistles

I love the strange and weird. And the photo’s from travels in unusual sculpture gardens always get my imagination running. The one here is no exception and I’ve called it Bells and Whistles. If you want to see it in situ it’s in the Devon Sculpture Park which also has an amazing tea room!

This week you can let your imagination roam free with a flash, micro, or poem that considers what planet something like this might exist on in real life!.

You can see my effort on here:

Dregand looked across a barren landscape, grass, trees, and shrubs had sprung up like weeds. One small building remained of all that had once been a thriving centre of being. It reminded him of the stories told by his grandparents of how life on another planet had been and he screwed his face up. How could anyone live like that, all that green jarred the senses and the sky was such a strange hue of blue.

A single trumpetrose remained, the rest choked off by the greenery, and it was his job to save it. Cutting back the surrounding vegetation let it lift its trumpets to the air encouraging it to sing a song of thanks through bells and whistles to its saviour.

He smiled. It was good to work with his hands, good to work in the open, even if it was an alien landscape so far removed from the bright colours that usually surrounded him. It would be good to cut all the weeds back and let the landscape revert, rewild was the word they used these days. Rewild back to the security of a landscape that existed without the imprint of humans or Technon!


Now it’s your turn. Why not use the comment area below my post on my website to share your first line, you never know it might just turn into an entry you could use for the Hysteria Writing Competition later this year.


  1. Oh, so pretty to be alive and well with nature. To see and watch another Spring unfold. Plants and shrubs yeald. Squirrels abound. Thinking of our loved ones and those gone.

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