ice pool picture

Ice pool

As you already know I love strange and unusual photos and I will often carry a camera or my phone to capture something that intrigues me. Ice is one element that always has the power to surprise me as this little pool shows which had formed in a puddle on my favourite dog walk.

What does the picture invoke in you? How might you craft a story or a poem that uses this as your muse? Write quickly and without self-editing as you go along, see just how far you can get without stopping to think over what you’ve written.

You can see my effort here:

It looks like a portal to another world. Layers built on layers with a dark rocky centre that draws the eye and perhaps the foot Alice-like into wonderland.

Beeble tugs at the lead and I resist holding fast to my place at the side of this other world imagining what it would be like to be sucked through the tiniest of gaps in the ice. She barks once, a warning more than anything else and I am forced to turn away from my reflection and smile at the neighbour striding towards me.

Now it’s your turn. Why not use the comment area below my post on my website to share your first line, you never know it might just turn into an entry you could use for this year’s Hysteria Writing Competition.

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