easter word square words

Easter word square

Did you know that pretzels were originally eaten at Easter because they symbolise the cross or that dancing is illegal on Good Friday in Germany?

While I was creating this week’s Easter-themed word square I happened across all sorts of weird and wonderful traditions. I wonder what you might find if you went digging online?

The word square is below, and for those of you who have never seen one, the idea is to take one word from each column and use them in the first sentence, paragraph or stanza of a story or poem. You can of course take it all the way and construct a whole piece of flash fiction if you had the time and inclination.

easter word square

My effort is here:

I visited the Church I was baptised in twice a year at Christmas and Easter to wish those who had passed over well. I always carried Lily of the Valley, Mum and Dad’s favourite and now mine as it smothered my tiny garden in scent from April to the end of May. I would leave it below the cross, a gift for anyone who cared to collect it together with my prayer to the Lamb of God.

Now it’s your turn. Why not use the comment area below my post on my website to share your first line, you never know it might just turn into an entry you could use for the Hysteria Writing Competition which starts today!!

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