Working Title by Tiffany White, winner of the 2020 flash fiction category

The artist placed “Untitled” on the plinth. It was a real work of art.

“Looking good.” the gallery owner simpered then let the entitled in.

Sipping bad wine, the cognoscente marvelled at the magnificent creation they saw.

“Indescribable” claimed the journalist “Heart touching” the surgeon concurred. “I see what you’re saying” the synesthetic lied to the rhapsodic composer although the psychiatrist was in two minds.

“There’s nothing there!” cried a tag-a-long child. The artist whispered “I call it The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

In secret collusion artist and child watched the performance of art.

Based in Swansea, Wales, 57-year-old artist Tiffany H White (LGBTQ) began writing in 2020 to combat lockdown dementia.  Her work “Field Post 37560” received 2nd place in the International Festival of Human Rights Art of Creative Unity Award 2020.

You can meet Tiffany on Twitter @TiffanyHWhite1

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