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The Poets Meeting by AM Cash Hysteria poetry category winner 2020

Encircled, engrossed, of human mixology

Debated, a lifetime of stripped back sociology

Crossways to pathways, in beating humour

Sadness outpoured, sketches of other lives


Brainwaves sparkle, time drifts and instills

Engagement in the evening arrangement

Teas drunk, biscuits crunched, collage poem penned

Madness expressed and exorcism of souls vented


Now forced into a video matrix of solo streaming

Chairs empty, stacked away, Stockport Art gallery closed

Yet the energy is greater, with PC screens alight

Zoomed worlds, each poet online, worlds fuse as one


Andy writes about love, hope, human insecurities, death, our needs, mental illness and weaknesses, strengths, deep desires to be part of a fellow brethren and the lusts of life in an everyday world. He is an anti-post truth and fighter for freedom of the mind. Each poem he writes is about the truth, real people and real events. You can catch up with him on Write Out Loud.

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

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