word square january

Painter and canvas

I love the idea of generating writing ideas from a set of pre-prepared words. In this one, simply choose one word from each column and create an introductory sentence for a short story, flash fiction or a novel using each of the words.

My effort is below.

“I watched the painter as she worked the rain-soaked canvas, yellow running into red into green using her finger as yardstick measuring the proportions of our local station.”

Now your turn. Why not use the comment area below to share your thoughts?




  1. Mother sat on her yellow rocker, reminiscing about that first night when father had whisked her round the dance floor, violet posy swinging from her wrist.

  2. Thanks Linda. Once upon a time I loved to write; life and academia intervened and the spontaneity got lost. Your platform offers encouragement to dip my toe back into the mellow waters, thanks for the opportunity

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