July 2023 Newsletter


Phew! June has been a scorcher here in Dorset. The (very) occasional shower or downpour means the garden and allotment both require regular watering by hand. It’s a slow job, but satisfying – a bit like writing I guess.

It’s a useful metaphor for this year’s writing competition too. It’s been a slow build-up, as it usually is with any sort of competition. From now on, things will get busier here in Hysteria HQ as I start the annual action of sending out a weekly update until the final week of the competition. These are reminders that the end is nigh and it’s now time to get started or complete the entries you’ll be sending in.

Just a quick reminder too for those who have entered but not yet submitted their entries … you can do so any time up until the end of August, but if you want to be in with a chance of publication you must send them over.

The latest post from Diane Jackman, writer in residence this year, is also a useful reminder that inspiration for a new writing project can come from anywhere, and it’s often worth reviewing old notebooks, files, and scraps of paper to see what jumps out, can be repurposed, or maybe has a different message this year than before. You can read more on the website here:

Finally, two of our reading team have news to share:

Firstly, congratulations go to Abigail Ottley who took first place in the Wildfire Words flash fiction competition. You can read and listen to her winning entry here:

Secondly, Sally Curtis was included in the Retreat West newsletter as a reader for this competition too which just goes to show that being involved on the practical side of a writing competition can be just as beneficial for your profile, as being a winner.

Remember, this year’s theme for the competition is MAGIC and I hope 2023 is a magical year for you and your writing life.

With love, light and laughter

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