Two youg children sharing a first kiss

Joe’s first kiss

They say we always remember our first kiss but I’m not so sure. Perhaps it wasn’t memorable enough or the person special enough. Whatever the reason, I’ve had to invent the who, the where and the how of it.

The first kiss with my husband Stevie? Now that’s a different matter altogether. Being swept up into his arms and knowing he would always be there for me even though it was early days was magical. It’s a feeling I wish everyone might experience at some point in their lives.

This week’s challenge is to consider your own or a completely fictitious first kiss. Who was it? Did they kiss you unexpectedly or was their advance expected? Was it a peck on the cheek or an embrace that encompassed the world with fireworks and music? How long did it last? And what happened next?

To accompany your creativity I’ve thrown in a video of Kid Rock’s First Kiss to entertain you while you gather your thoughts and perhaps undertake an experiment or two with your partner, a stranger, a colleague or even a favourite pet.

Finally, here’s my effort:

Georgie looked at me earnestly. ‘I could kiss you right now Joe.’ She whispered it quietly in my ear as we sat hand-in-hand in the back row of the cinema.
I must have looked terrified cos she giggled. ‘Don’t worry, I won’t do it right here, right now.’
I must have looked even more terrified because she squeezed my hand. I think she thought it would be reassuring. It was anything but.
By the end of the film, I was a bag of nerves. I’d barely watched the action and if anyone had asked me what happened I couldn’t have told them. All I could think about was ‘the kiss’!
We walked out of the cinema and into a cool night. My thoughts were ten a penny. Where would I kiss her? What happened to our noses? What if our braces got caught? I wanted it to be right, all Hollywood and romance. I tried to channel my inner Tom wondering how Tom Cruise would handle the expectations of a girl like Georgie.
And suddenly, it was all over. Georgie took matters into her own hands. Smiling, she reached up and took my face in her hands saying ‘It’s like this silly.’ And there it was, done. My first kiss.

(Image by Altamir Lavoratti from Pixabay)


  1. Hi Linda – that’s a very touching piece – and reminds me of the butterflies you get for a first kiss. The anticipation and build up you describe made me smile – and thank god for girls like Georgie!

  2. Love the braces and the noses. Mine is also invented, except for a first boyfriend called Roy and I remember nothing else about him.

    Laura cringed inwardly as Roy pressed his lips firmly against hers just moments after she’d agreed to be his girlfriend. He was popular and played the Tuba and she’d thought it the best moment of her life when he’d asked her.
    At nine years old, Laura was a late starter and she’d started to think she’d be single forever, especially as her best friend Carol had her first boyfriend when she was six. And sometimes she had more than one!
    Once, she’d had four boyfriends at the same time which Laura had thought was a bit greedy but she didn’t say anything.
    Roy removed his lips and grinned at her. She grimaced back and hoped it resembled a smile while fighting the urge to use her sleeve to wipe away the feeling of his dry, chapped, lips.
    Laura wanted to tell him she’d make a mistake but he looked so happy.
    Oh, how she longed for the days when she was single.

    1. Gosh, they grow up young these days. 🙂

      But I’m sure we all remember one kiss, first or otherwise, where our instinct was to wipe it away (or worse).

    2. Oh dear, poor old Roy. I wonder if he ever worked out that was the problem with his perfect relationship 🙂


    They say we always remember our first kiss.
    What they omit is how much we will want
    to forget it.

    I try, but it lingers. Not the kiss, but the place,
    the darkness, the smell of damp earth and wet tree bark.

    I remember the words, without an ounce of romance.
    And I remember how he laughed about it,
    with his mates, afterwards.

    I remember.


    1. I get what you’re saying Lesley – there’s also something in there about the breath too (sometimes questionable!!!)

  4. I used to love the dreamlike way mum talked about the first time she kissed dad. She conjured up images of the touch of two poppies as they sway in a breeze, or the soft caress of sunrise kissing morning dew. In short, a thing of beauty, of joy.

    Well my first kiss was about half an hour ago and I felt none of those things. The person I kissed just looked at me – he might even have said something, but I can’t remember what. Everyone in the garden was staring and I suddenly felt so ashamed I couldn’t get out of there quickly enough. I threw up in the alley outside.

    So remembering my first kiss won’t be hard because it’ll also be my last. When I kick the stool away, the rope around my neck will do the rest. And however painful it is, at least it’s not crucifixion.

    1. Iain, what an intriguing way to interpret an event that resulted in one of the most prominent world religions. Well done!

  5. Here’s mine. (And by the way he is still mine, and has been for 27 years.)

    We’d met again – after work – for a drink. We were never short of conversation when it was just the two of us. Each sharing our take on the day, views of our colleagues, our current projects… talk which seamlessly moved into more personal subjects. Laughing. Connecting. Enjoying each other. Me thinking I could listen to his mellow round voice forever.

    We left and walked to the car park. As we arrived at my car I opened the door and dropped my bag and coat inside – and as I turned to say goodbye he was suddenly there. Up close. Really close. One arm around my waist. And he kissed me. We kissed each other. Fiercely. Briefly. He almost lifted me off my feet. And then it was over.

    He left. I left. I could feel his heat on my face. Smell his closeness on my chest. I drove to a lookout spot with a view that I knew well – to calm down, to breathe, to be alone, to gather my thoughts, to savour the experience. To smile. Really smile. He was mine. And I was his. And we had just sealed it with our first kiss.

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