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Hysteria Writing Competition 2021 finalists

The long list of finalists for each category in this year’s Hysteria Writing Competition is below. You can also take part in the annual Guess the Cover competition for a chance to win a fun prize when the category winners are also announced.

To enter the competition just leave a comment on this blog post with your best guess at which story, flash fiction or poem is represented by the cover image shown at the end of the post.

The Hysteria 8 anthology is available to purchase now and will be dispatched in early December.

Short Story Finalists

  • Celia Montclair – Hope and Unity
  • Maggie Iribarne – Last Christmas
  • Michelle Christophorou – Six Things I Abandoned By The Time I Was 31
  • Janet Garber – My Lifesaver
  • Jill Waters – The Day of Glorious Silliness
  • Heather Haigh – Two Dreams Collide
  • Gill Scholey – A Day Trip to Heaven
  • Miranda Keskes – When Angels Cry
  • Sherry Hostler – The Next Stop
  • Elizabeth Spencer-Spraggins -Shelter

Flash Fiction Finalists

  • Xan Indigo – Parents and Guardians
  • Richard Teague – The Big Blue Nothing
  • Keely O’Shaughnessy – Circle Time at the Community Centre
  • Diane Jackman – Parachute
  • Abdulrahman M Abu-Yaman – What If Earth Is A Pyramid?
  • Georgia Clarke – Remembrance
  • Marian Myers – Strangers
  • Ruth Brandt – Coarse Fishing
  • Claire Schön – They Didn’t Just Fall From The Sky
  • Sherry Morris – Marriage Vow

Poetry Finalists

  • Tracy Davidson – A New Hope
  • Heather Cook – When Words Fail
  • Alwyn Gornall – Remedial Action
  • Yvonne James – Blinded By Fear
  • Maria Javed – All Of It Is Us
  • Cathy Bryant – Warmer Places
  • Laura Glaves – Let Me
  • Adele Evershed – Part
  • Aayet Mushtaq – From The Other End Of The World
  • Jared DeShazer – Three Things to Know

Guess the Cover competition

Just leave a comment below with your best guess about which entry inspired this year’s anthology cover.

hysteria 8 book cover


  1. thrilled to be a short story finalist. I almost missed the news as I was expecting a personal email announcing a positive response to the story. But i’m not complaining. Thanks. Now I just have to figure out the shopping cart which does not want to accept my order. I’ll keep trying.

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