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Happy Days

Experience is an important element of any story. And this week’s word square is designed to get you thinking about the more prosaic experiences that are the meat and two veg of anyone’s life.

I know a story is supposed to be dramatic, but stories often bury themselves deeply in people’s psyche’s when they also show the mundane, the everyday reality of life with the occasional foray into something different.

Can you conjure up a poem, a scene, or a regular event that could punctuate a bigger piece? Something a reader would recognise as the every day in your poetic or fiction world, and then add a little spice?

My effort is below.

“Yes officer, the four of us all came from my house just over there. We’ve known each other a long time, from school actually officer, yes we have known each other that long. Yes, I agree we should know better than to be trying to dress a lamp in an evening gown and tiara at eight in the evening, but it’s so much more fun than sitting moaning about our lives in the garden don’t you think?”

Now it’s your turn. Why not use the comment area below to share your thoughts.

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  1. The house stands in its own grounds surrounded by a park, with a rose garden and statue. Many visit the house. Teas are served in Summer months with light snacks. Its very busy between 12pm till 3pm.Particulatly during Summer months June, July and August. Lets not think of dull Winter days. Think of the trees lit up with lights. Forget slippery roads and cool winds.

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