fool on parade

Fooling with fools

It’s All Fool’s Day which is traditionally marked by the custom of playing jokes (usually on friends and colleagues) and engaging in frivolous activities.

So it seems only right that today’s writing prompt reflects such hilarity and it seems fitting to try out a sentence or two of nonsense verse. By the way, I am not a poet, would never claim to have such skill, but this was fun to do as it just let me work with what came into my head without editing!

Fool’s a fool in Anyone’s eyes and
Anyone could spot Fool quite clearly.
And nonsense withstanding, the aim of Fool or Anyone
is to make Everybody the butt of their jokes today.
Fool and Anyone stand side-by-side admiring their handiwork.

Now it’s your turn. Why not use the comment area below my post on my website to share your first line, you never know it might just turn into an entry you could use for the Hysteria Writing Competition which starts today!!

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  1. Fools in denial fool themselves
    Only to fool our patience
    Weโ€™re all fools occasionally
    until weโ€™re shaken for self foolery

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