The moon, star and three kings in the desert

Following the star

If you’ve ever seen a nativity play, been to a Church service at Christmas or read the story of Christ’s birth then you’ll know the star features heavily in the portending of a significant change for humanity.

Over the years there has been fierce debate about whether the story of Christ’s coming is true or not, or whether it’s a retelling of the same myths and legends of the birth of a saviour that has been told the world over, regardless of any organised religion.

What’s interesting to a theology student like me though is the way the heavens have been an essential part of the many ancient religious rites and stories. If you were to head into a Mithraic temple at the time of Christ you’d have seen stars adorning the ceilings of the crypts. And if you were in Ancient Egypt then you would have been familiar with the heliacal rising of Sirius at the summer solstice.

We’ve always looked outwards from our planet and wondered what it meant to be one amongst so many planets and stars, and we’re no different today after all stars have been used for millennia to symbolize guidance and enlightenment, considering they give off enough light to clear a dark path. They also represent miracles, divine protection, excellence, and life. In different religions and beliefs, stars are perceived according to their historical value and the purpose of their use.

In today’s writing prompt I’d invite you to consider what the stars mean to you if indeed they have any meaning. Do you follow your horoscope, do you stargaze or watch the meteor showers, or do you just wonder how we came to be given we are all made of the same stardust?

As usual, if you want to share your thoughts and writing I’d love to read it, and so would my lovely readers. However, it may be private and for your notebook only.

My effort is below:

If I am stardust then what are you? If you are stardust, then what am I? If we all originate from the same explosion that started with a big bang why are we unable to recognise our commonality? And not just with our human compatriots, but with everything else that makes up this amazing planet? Just a point I often ponder!

(Image by Enrique from Pixabay)



    A million stars sparkle at my feet,
    and above my head Orion
    guards my rooftop but pales
    in the bright full-moon gaze.

    I hold still to the hunter
    who has ever watched over me,
    even as the goddess calls.

    I write by moonlight
    in a garden white
    with midnight.

    I want to live under darker skies
    where stars shine brighter.


    1. I’m busy re-reading as I listen to the BBC world service dramatisation of The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper and your poem puts me in mind of the wild hunt of Herne the Hunter and his Yell hounds Lesley.

      1. I don’t know that piece…must add to my check-it-out list. I do think there are ancient connections between Orion, Herne, the Wild Man etc… myths getting tangled

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