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Being with Jeremy

How does time affect a story or a poem? Perhaps it’s in the cadence and rhythm, perhaps it’s in the backwards and forwards between timelines. Or perhaps it’s simply the passage of one era to the next.

Whatever the reason for using time in your writing, it’s important to understand how it feels to the reader. Does it make sense to them too? Can they understand the reason you have chosen the expression of time you have?

This week’s word square is an attempt to think about time, about how it affects us as it moves forwards (and perhaps backward) through a life. How does one’s perspective change as time changes?

My effort is below.

“January: It seems I’m no longer necessary in Jeremy’s life. He dumped me, again. This time for the last time, so he says.

February: Jeremy phoned to say he’d made a terrible mistake and would I take him back. I’m thinking about it ๐Ÿ™‚

March: Jeremy and I went out on date night. We danced, we talked, we walked. I’m in heaven. Thank you God.

April: Jeremy and I are no longer together. It was the text message meant for Monica that did it. Seem’s I was just a useful distraction.”

Now it’s your turn. Why not use the comment area below to share your thoughts.


word square for july


  1. Magic, of time and memories like a good wine smooth to taste. Think sea, air, and abundance of nature.

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