August 2023 Newsletter


Here we are in August and it’s the final month of this year’s Hysteria Writing Competition. It’s been an interesting competition this year and has definitely not been as expected, but more about that when I get to write it up in September.

It’s also been a time of renewing knowledge as I’ve made a couple of rookie mistakes in two newsletters that went out in July when I forgot (honestly, I really did forget) I hadn’t added links to not one, but two posts – Oops!

So for those who wanted to listen to my conversation with Alexandra Packer, the winner of last year’s short story competition, here is the link (and it works this time … promise!):

In case you missed it, this year’s Writer in Residence, Diane Jackman is also on the hunt for cliché’s. She’s offering a FREE copy of her latest poetry anthology to whoever spots the most in July’s blog post. Just leave the number spotted in the comments below her article. For extra kudos, you can tell us what they are too. We will let you know the winner soon. Good luck 👌

Remember to send your entries in

A number of people have paid and got their order numbers for the file name, but haven’t yet submitted their entry. You can do so any time up until the 31st, but if you want to be in with a chance of winning or publication you must send them to me.

And finally, this year’s theme for the competition is MAGIC and I hope 2023 is a magical year for you and your writing life.

I will send a weekly update on Sundays this month, until the final week when I’ll send a couple out for those, like me, who seem to love a looming deadline.

With love, light and laughter

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