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With just 2.5 days to go a mistake has been revealed on the rules page for the Hysteria Writing Competition.

To say it was an ‘oops’ moment would be an understatement, and I’d like to thank Sherri Turner (@STurner4077) and Steven Patchett (@StevenPatchett7) for bringing it to my attention.

The guidelines were correct, the rules had been badly worded – my mistake I’m afraid!

So, the error which said that all entrants in the competition granted me a non-exclusive right to use their work for publicity purposes, has been corrected to the category winners granting me the non-exclusive right.

What this means in practice is that each year I interview the winners and publish their winning entries on the website. Of course, they are also published alongside their fellow short listed entrants, in the anthology.

I don’t know if this has put anyone off, but if it has I can only apologise – profusely.

Have fun, and if you have any other questions please holler.

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