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He Loves Me, Not by Gayle Letherby

Our Flash Fiction category winning entry in the Hysteria 2015 writing competition was He Loves Me, Not by Gayle Letherby.

I toss the decimated daisy on the pile of others.

A list might help.


Tall, toned. Long hair. Sparkling blue eyes. A generous smile.

Clever. A PhD student. Plays guitar, enjoys sport, loves Babe his sports car.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, some Sundays. Countryside drives, gigs at the SU, walks in the park. We laugh a lot. He strokes my face, kisses me softly, asks about my dreams and describes his research ambitions. No talk about us.



Tallish, nice bum. Thinning hair. Brown eyes. A chin dimple.

Clever. Something in the bank. Enjoys reading, loves films, supports Man City.

Wednesdays, some Fridays, an occasional Sunday. Cinema and pub trips, walks in the park.  Kissing until my lips are swollen. He talks a lot about his work and about our future together.

A decision.

Dear Pete

I like you a lot. You’re lovely. We have fun. But I want to settle down. I’ve met someone else who might like to settle down with me. Don’t think badly of me. Be happy. Beth x

Pressing SEND I hear the ping alerting me to an incoming email; two in fact.


Dearest Beth

I’m too nervous to say this so I’m trying email.  I LOVE YOU. Let’s make plans, live with me, marry me. Let’s have babies, trade in Babe for a Four-by-four.

Say yes, make my day, my life. Pete xxxxxxx


Beth, I can’t see you tomorrow.  I’m married. She knows. Don’t contact me. No hard feelings. J.


You can find Gayle on Twitter at www.twitter.com/gletherby

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